A Members Success – Ness


Since TONIQ opened in August, we are proud to have helped a number of clients make significant lifestyle changes, resulting in them being healthier, happier and fitter.

The results one particular client has achieved in the space of 2-3 months has been outstanding so we want to share her story with you – in her words.

Thanks Ness for allowing us to share your amazing success, we’ve loved being a part of your journey so far…

“After my 3rd little boy was born I wanted to join a gym but I was slightly apprehensive as I have been a member of lots of different gyms before and I always felt it was a waste of money. I used to make excuses not to go, I was worried about going to the gym and looking silly because I didn’t know what to use or how to use things and when I did go I would give up quite easily as my self motivation wasn’t the best! So I heard about TONIQ and knew straight away I wanted to give it a go. After all gym classes in a club like environment with members who are part of a community with free gin on the last Friday of the month-I was sold!

 The first couple of classes I did I was worried because I was so unfit and my baby was only 8 weeks old but all of the instructors were so encouraging. They were able to suggest alternatives to exercises that I couldn’t do but offered so much support to make sure that as the days went by I was able to do everything. I didn’t feel silly or embarrassed  like I had in other gyms and I was gaining confidence in each session.

 The SWEAT classes are exactly that-SWEATY! Very high intensity but they make you feel great due to all the endorphins. The STRONGER classes have been the biggest change for me. I had never lifted any weights before but now I love it, feel confident in doing it and have loved seeing such a huge increase in my strength.

Finally the BURN class is great as it is a combination of everything and a great start to the weekend. The great thing about TONIQ’s classes are that if you miss the session you planned to attend the same class is at different times throughout the day so you can always find one to attend. Being a mother with 3 young children it can be a juggling act which is why the variety of times has been so important to me. Some weeks I have gone 5 times which I never thought I would do but if I don’t go I really miss it! Other weeks life is busy and I have only managed 2 or 3 but have been so excited to get back to it the following week.

 The changes in my body shape and the way I feel have been more than I could have imagined. I have not been dieting as such as I have yoyo dieted for so many years and lost weight quickly but put it back on just as quickly. I now eat healthily and the combination of good food and TONIQ has been a complete lifestyle change for me. In 12 weeks I have lost 20 pounds, my body shape has completely changed and my strength and fitness has increased so much. I have done 3 fitness tests which they do every 6 weeks and this has been great to look at my results and see quite how much I have changed and progressed. 

 The reason for my success has been a combination of a number of things.

1.) The amazing trainers at TONIQ-their positivity, encouragement, advice and constant support makes you realise you can do it and you really push yourself as a result

2.) The other members-it is such a great community feel with both men and women and everyone gets on and encourages each other which has been so important.  Even being laughed at when you think you are too stiff to train, that all helps!

3.) The classes-they are so varied, exciting and dare I say it really FUN!

4.) The gym-the music is pumping, the lights are down low with strips of bright coloured lights-what’s not to love?!

 I really can’t thank TONIQ and the whole community enough. The changes for me have been amazing but this is just the beginning for me and I cannot wait to see quite how much I will change over the next 12 weeks and beyond”.



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