Ever thought about Personal Training with a friend or loved one?


Here at ToniqLife we offer Couples Training (as well as small group training). There are lots of benefits to working out with a partner so here are our top 5 reasons you might want to consider it:

1. You are less likely to skip a workout

Don’t let your gym partner down!! It’s so easy to finish work and decide you don’t want to go to the gym today. But if you have made a plan to meet someone there, you are more likely to stick to going.

You don’t want to leave them to face the trainer alone!

2. A little competition never hurt anyone!

Exercising with another person often makes you push yourself further and harder. If you workout with someone who is around the same fitness level as you, naturally you would challenge each other a little. And if someone is fitter than you then that would spur you on to improve.

Your trainer will give you goals and targets personalised to you even if you are at different fitness levels but you still want to reach your goal before your partner!

3. Try new exercises

Having a friend spot you or pick you up on technique is important to increase the variety of workouts you do in the gym.

There are also some great partner workouts our personal trainers can put you through but you do need a friend to do them.

 4. It’s cost effective

This is probably one of the biggest benefits that gets overlooked.

Often people spend months in the gym training alone with little to no results. Personal training can be expensive so people generally shy away from this option however sharing the cost makes a huge difference and ensures you still get the results you want.

Your trainer will tailor the workout to suit you both and ensure you stay challenged even if you are at different fitness levels.

5. It’s more social!

Our busy lives often mean we miss out on social time with friends and family. However, by working out together, you not only get to exercise but you also get to socialise.

Then you can follow your workout with a catch up and a cold pressed juice from our fridge – the perfect way to re-connect.

Our trainers are also experienced in advising you what to eat. So whether it’s inspiration for what to cook at home or where the best place to get that healthier meal might be – they can help. Just ask!

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