My experience of group training with TONIQ


As a keen fitness enthusiast I have always enjoyed classes, for over 15 years I have regularly attended classes in gyms, sports centres and bootcamps, so when I heard about a new group exercise specific gym opening in Bath, offering free taster session, I had to try it out.

I have always prefered training in a group environment as I know I am the kind of person that is more likely to attend if I have a specific time I need to go, rather than just going to a gym when I feel like it. It is an added commitment.

I also love the fact that I push myself harder (my competitive streak) and that there is a variety in classes that I would not otherwise have access to.

Having done classes ranging from Zumba, body pump, spin, boxercise and HIIT I feel I am relatively fit and some classes I have previously worked out in have pushed me, others haven’t.

I thought it would be useful for my other Bath group exercise fans to hear how it works and what I thought.


The gym

It is cool, that is the best word I can find. As soon as you walk in the door you are taken into a room that makes you feel excited. Like an exclusive nightclub, the lighting, the decor, the vibe is buzzy. There are neon lights in the ceiling and along a custom built sled track down the middle of the room. Large mirrors on the wall list out the exercises that will be taking place.

There is a custom built rig laden with every weight format you could ever need, assault bikes, sleds and so much more.  Downstairs are male and female changing rooms, each with 2 toilets, 2 showers, complimentary shower gel and shampoo, hairdryers and straighteners. This place is in a completely different league to any other facility I have seen in Bath.


The Class

I was lucky enough to attend 2 trial classes in the last week. SWEAT – a cardio focussed circuits class and STRONGER focussing on slower reps with heavier weights. Both sessions consisted of 3 rounds of 12 exercises using top of the range equipment relevant to that workout style. I am not going to lie, the SWEAT class was probably the hardest class  I have attended. 40secs on each station with a 15sec rest (just enough time to move to the next station) the workouts alternated between cardio and weights. It was my first time using a sled track, it was great but also really tough. The weights are well balanced. Every station has a good selection to suit any and all strength and fitness levels,

The class sizes are capped to ensure that the trainers can give you full attention and coaching, if you are looking for a class that pushes you, this is it. The instructors really do coach each and everyone that is in the class, aiding us with correct use of the equipment, posture, movement and motivating us when we inevitably started to flag. It was the most focussed guidance I have ever received from instructors in a group environment, actually more similar to having a PT.  There was no hiding and or pretending, you were encouraged at every station. There was a really great mix of individuals in the class I was in, ranging from super fit to beginners and each and everyone was working to the max. If you want to stay on for an additional 10 mins after the class 45mins time frame you can get a really good stretch in, I really like the fact that the cool down is outside of the core workout time so that you can maximise your workout. One class I had attended previously was 30mins in total, by the time you factored in the warm up and cool down you usually ended up with 15mins actual workout time!


The trainers

Every class is run by a minimum of 2 trainers, each an experienced and elite fitness professional.  The class I attended was run by Laura (TONIQ manager and ex Football pro) and Andy a seriously motivating personal trainer who trains some of the best athletes in the city. These are just 2 of the 6 fitness professionals who are on hand in every class. The other trainers include a seasoned PT with A list celebs within their client list and Ex Rugby Pro’s. Those who I have met have been personable, knowledgeable and really seem invested in getting the most from each and everyone in the class. I feel I am in good hands.


The cost

On first glance the cost seems a lot, £120 per month, that is when you think of a gym membership costing around £40 per month,  but actually when you consider what you are getting at TONIQ you can’t really compare.

Attending 4 classes per week it works out at only £7.50 a class, which is far less than the majority of classes in Bath.

Apart from what is mentioned above, for £7.50 a class, you get:

I really like how flexible the purchase options are, and that you aren’t tied into a contract with any of them, buy 1 class pass or a 5 or 10 pass bundle if you aren’t thinking of attending regularly!

Baring all this in mind I do think it is good value and I urge everyone to at least take up the offer of a free no obligation session to try it out for themselves and make up their own mind!



If you have any questions, want to book a session, or just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to visit or drop us a mail!

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