The TONIQ Transformation Method


Each January, nearly 40% of people that make New Year’s resolutions opt to ‘try to exercise more’ in a bid to become fitter and lose weight.

But although losing weight and getting fitter are great goals, they are often not planned out properly and become unmanageable, resulting in many people giving up after a few weeks.

They also don’t focus on the underlying reasons why you might have gained weight or lost fitness in the first place.

Stress, poor diet and lack of sleep can all add to make you feel like you’re operating at 50%!

So, what’s so different about this transformation?

The TONIQ Method is less about losing weight in the short term and more about kick-starting a new, sustainable way of living.

It’s a holistic plan which addresses multiple aspects of your wellbeing aside from weight or shape.

Many transformation packages focus purely on training and nutrition and don’t address what might happen after the 8 or 10 weeks are up.

Many people are delighted with their results at first but quickly fall back into the same habits and patterns as they had previously.

This usually happens because people cannot live ‘on the plan’ permanently. It isn’t sustainable.

This is where the TONIQ method is different.

We see weight loss as a result of our plan – not necessary as a goal. Of course, if it is your goal that’s perfectly fine but weight loss will happen naturally when following our method.

The TONIQ Transformation Method is a holistic plan which aims to improve:

Stress affects us all and can play a big part in how good you feel mentally and physically. Dealing with stress effectively, whether by practising Yoga or Meditation for example, can make a huge difference to your long-term wellbeing.

What is included in the transformation package?

The TONIQ Method is 8 weeks long and during that time, you will:

What results can you expect to see?

If you follow our TONIQ Method as prescribed, you will see huge benefits to your body and mind. Moreover, these benefits are designed to last.

You can expect to be significantly fitter, lose weight, sleep better, see a drop in your stress levels, have an improved immune system, be more flexible…the list of benefits is extensive.

We have built a transformation plan that is designed to transform how you live your life permanently not temporarily.

If you would like to join us and commit to a healthier, more energetic 2019, please pop in or contact us via the form below.

We will then contact you via email or phone (whichever you prefer) to discuss the next steps.

8 week Transformation
£80 bolt on to membership fee for members (£40 per month)
£320 for non members (£320 month)


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