TONIQ Pricing – PT style results at the fraction of the cost


When people join a gym, they are ultimately looking to reach a goal. That could be achieving;

It is very likely to be a combination of all of these.

Many people don’t manage to reach their goals as they don’t have the expertise to guide themselves. They might then consult a PT, but personal training can be expensive!

Here at TONIQ, through our uniquely designed classes  – SWEAT, STRONGER and BURN – we can confidently say that by training 4+ times per week, our sessions will get you those PT style results.


Firstly our different types of sessions combine cardio and strength training and are always different. This is important in ensuring you always keep your body guessing – and challenged.

Secondly, we run our classes with 2 personal trainers to ensure everybody’s form is correct and exercise modifications can be given where necessary. Class sizes are controlled to ensure that everyone is given the support needed.

The trainers also make sure that everyone is giving it 110% – something that that is hard when you are training alone in a gym.

Sounds great right? But what about the cost? Isn’t it quite expensive? Well, let’s look at the numbers and break it down a little.

10 training sessions with a personal trainer would cost you £500. Unlimited sessions at TONIQ costs just £120.

A saving of £380!

We also assist our members with nutrition support and advice as well as general well being guidance, so an additional benefit there too.

Or look at it this way:

Training 4 times a week with a personal trainer would cost you £600 a month but training 4 times a week with some of Bath’s best personal trainers at TONIQ is only £120.

The numbers make sense and so do the results. Try a class for free and see for yourself.

Fancy giving it a go in January? Sign up now for 10% off membership – but be quick, we are limiting this to 25 memberships only.


If you have any questions, want to book a session, or just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to visit or drop us a mail!

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