TONIQ Transformation Successes ⭐️ Lindsay’s determination



Lindsey has literally transformed her health.

In just 8 weeks she has applied herself and worked really hard to get the results she sees today. And it’s not just the weight loss, Lindsay’s health has massively improved.

The risk factors for disease associated with having a high waist measurement (such as heart disease) dropped from being a high to medium risk and she lost 8.5cm from the narrowest point of her waist.

From looking at the scans, you are able to see the change in composition on Lindsay’s arms, legs and neck.

Lindsay put 100% into the 8 week plan even though at times, changes in her work routine hindered her.

She found by attending on Mondays, she set herself up for the week and then by also coming to the Monday meditation sessions, her mind was clearer and more focused. This often gave her the burst of energy she needed to prep meals for the week ahead.

However, when her work schedule changed, the routine which worked also changed and she found it harder to stay on track.

Lindsay still managed to attend classes 3-4 times per week. She batch cooked healthy food from our recommendations to ensure she didn’t end up snacking on unhealthy options and credits this with her success.

Lindsay says:

“I have felt my energy dramatically increase in my workouts over the 8 weeks and have gone from barely making it through a sweat session without vomiting to actively thinking ‘ I can go harder on the next set’.

My energy levels are also more noticeable at work as I work with Young Carers ages 5-17 at the Carers Centre and we regularly take large groups of kids on day activities and I can now give them a run for their money energy wise when we’re running around Avon Valley, playing laser tag or on photography hikes!

My strength has also really improved and I can now comfortably squat in a low position with 30kg. I’m now deadlifting 60kg which I never thought I would.

Due to surgery to replace my posterior tibalis tendons, move my heel bone and lengthen my calf, any movement involving putting weight through my tiptoes made me extremely nervous. However, with the support and guidance from the team throughout the process, I now feel that I can push through that fear and achieve the results I want.

The yoga sessions, like the meditation, also really helped me get into the right mindset and as I am slightly hyper-mobile, the deeper stretching really helped my body recover and experience less DOMS.

I wasn’t perfect during the plan and sugar is my biggest weakness. I must admit, I did find it hard to cut it down completely but I have reduced the amount of sugar I’m consuming And as I am from the North I do love a pie so I did indulge occasionally! 

When I ate something that I knew might not be such a good choice, I just tried to accept it, move on and remind myself that the results would take longer if I was going to have those kinds of meals.

Water and sleep are two things that I do struggle with getting enough of, I have always been a night owl and my brain goes into overdrive in the evening but I have put in strategies to try to help, such as not using my phone once I’m in bed and going to bed at the same time each night.

I have increased the amount of water I am drinking each day and it’s really changed the way I feel, although it’s still work in progress!

Nutritionally I found it hard to eat enough as I am more of a grazer and tend to eat small portions. The advice to use my hand to estimate the portion sizes of macros really helped me work out what I should be eating.

It has been a fantastic journey to be on and I have learnt a lot about my body mentally and physically. A huge thank you to the TONIQ team for all your support and encouragement”.

Lindsay has made solid, sustainable progress with her sleeping, recovery, exercise and nutrition.

More importantly, her health has improved and her risk of chronic disease has been lowered.

Lindsay has new found energy levels and strength which benefits her not only in the gym, but also at work and during every day life.

The changes that she has made are permanent and Lindsay is keen to now progress them further.

Well done Lindsay – you’ve done brilliantly!


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