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We are here to redefine group exercise classes in Bath. At TONIQ you can join like-minded people, who love to train hard and sweat out to the latest club tunes. Our trainers are some of Bath’s elite, they are here to encourage and motivate you, keeping the energy high and your squats low.

We’ve got chilled, filtered water on tap, air ventilation in full function, and purple LED lighting, all designed to keep you feeling cool.

It’s not just the vibe of our classes that’s important to us – it’s about building a community too.  Every  month we hold a social event where the final class of the day will be to the tunes of our live, in-house DJ, followed by G & Ts for everyone.  We believe that when you have worked hard you should have fun too!

We’ll be running in-house workshops covering diet, nutrition, and lots more.

Oh, and whilst you’re here, there’s some extra perks you should know about too:

Luxury showers
Complimentary shampoo and shower gel
Hair dryers and straighteners
Exclusive access to offers with some of Bath’s top brands


The sessions

TONIQ provides multiple 45 minute classes, 6 days a week. Our gym and workouts are designed to provide you with a fresh and fun way to exercise, when it suits you best. We have the best trainers and top of the range equipment.





Cardio focussed workout with light weights and high reps




Resistance focussed workout, heavier weights and slower intensity



Full body circuits with a mixture of strength and endurance exercises to kick start your body and weekend

Monday Evenings


Balance your high energy SWEAT, STRONGER AND BURN with some calming CHILL. These classes will alternate between Yoga, Qi Gong and Breath workshops and are an important part of the holistic health and wellbeing offering of TONIQ.

Monday to Friday


TONIQ are excited to offer a unique Spin experience with our partners Walcot House. Classes take place at various times on weekdays, with amazing trainers, great music and top of the range bikes on the nightclub dance floor.
Find out more, book here

Monday to Friday


TONIQ and Walcot House introduce a unique, high energy style of Yoga to Bath. Using the sound system and energy of the nightclub our instructors will take you through a practice that will connect you to yourself in a way only music can.
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Classes will be unlimited for members (meaning the more you do, the better value you get), as well as exercise, members will be able to take advantage of in-house events such as nutrition and wellness talks, social nights and exclusive offers.

Class Times

Mon – Fri





17:45 (18:00 Tue and Thur)

19:00 (19:30 Tue and Thur)






The founder of TONIQ and the mastermind behind the new fitness concept

With 13 years in the industry Arron has trained film stars, athletes and clients across the world. He will use his wealth of experience and knowledge to give you the best fitness experience in Bath.

Get ready to work hard to play hard.


Ex Pro Footballer and TONIQ Manager

Laura has always had a passion for sport and fitness. Originally from London, Laura spent her youth playing football for Tottenham Ladies F.C. and worked as a PE and Science Teacher.

Laura believes you don’t have to be an athlete to train like one, so don’t be afraid to push yourself.

She expects you to bring your A game.


Our Holistic All Rounder

Jessica is a massage therapist, personal trainer and yoga instructor, so she has thorough knowledge of the body and is a strong believer that exercise should be fun, but also leave you feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.

Jessica is sure to make you work hard, have fun and leave feeling excited to book in for your next session.

Prepare for a fully balanced workout.


The Ultimate Mr Motivator

Andy is notorious in Bath for ensuring everyone absolutely smashes their workout, every time.

Famous for saying “oxygen is your best friend” and keeping you moving and working hard when you really don’t think you can. He believes you shouldn’t show up because you have to but because you can!

All he expects is your best.


Ex Rugby Pro and Barrier Pusher

Ollie is a smiley, calm, family man, but don’t let that lure you into a false sense of security.

As a former Professional Rugby Union player, Ollie brings the pro training ethos to every single TONIQ session.  No matter what level you are, he will ensure you are always pushing yourself to the limit and getting out of your comfort zone!

Get ready to sweat like a pro.


The Transformation Queen

Going from a shy, asthmatic, inactive kid to a marathon plodder and fitness blogger , Carly learnt her trade on the London fitness scene and has come to the South West to put her passion into practice.

Carly will help you challenge your mental barriers and feel more confident, capable and strong in your body.

Expect energy, positivity and a liberal sprinkling of sass.


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The TONIQ Transformation Method

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A Members Success – Ness

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If you have any questions, want to book a session, or just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to visit or drop us a mail!

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